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Every candidate is unique, with specific goals in undertaking a job search. What don’t we do? We don’t force you down the wrong path simply to fill an assignment. As experts on the legal marketplace, we keep abreast of trends in the legal profession and know what differentiates the cultures of different law firms. By understanding both the dynamics of different firms, and your goals, we are able to make matches that really do stand the test of time.

Candidates trust us to be transparent. Chassman begins each search based on a mutually developed plan: no one is ever presented to a client without his or her express authorization. We are sensitive to the fact that you are generally in a significant position already that cannot be jeopardized, whether you are a partner with fiduciary duties to your other partners or an associate on partnership track who is simply questioning whether they are in the right place.

We do what other good recruiting firms do — help develop your résumé, spend time with you in person, write a glowing cover letter, suggest appropriate opportunities, prep you for interviews, in short provide excellent advice on achieving the optimum presentation.

However we take the process a great deal further. We don’t treat you like a commodity; you matter when you are represented by Chassman Associates. We establish an ongoing relationship with you so you will feel comfortable returning to us for guidance and mentorship throughout your career, as a candidate or if you become the client hiring other attorneys. In either case, we will never compromise your goals to make a commission.

Whether your motivation in seeking a new position is to attain greater level of responsibility; change your geography, professional focus, or firm culture; improve your work/life balance or up your compensation; or the myriad other reasons someone explores the job market; we support your choices and help you achieve your vision.
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