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We guarantee to listen carefully and understand what is important to our clients. Chassman Associates provides introductions to stellar candidates — the associates, counsel, partners and practice groups our clients wish to attract. We do it by learning what is unique about each and every firm for whom we conduct a search so that we can communicate honestly to potential candidates, sharing stories and specific examples that illustrate the firm’s culture and personality.

Our success comes from understanding that there is more to recruiting than combing through databases for the right credentials. Chassman presents candidates that fit important positions because they have the right résumé and experience and the right blend of the indescribable qualities that will make a successful addition to your organization.

We develop ongoing relationships with the stars in all practice areas; we dig deep to find the right individuals and never waste your time by presenting the wrong ones. And we do it quietly and confidentially.

Our clients know we are much more than a service provider — we are their partner and consultant.
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