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The Client Perspective

“I have worked with Keira both as a candidate and as a client and find her outstanding in both roles. Keira combines an extraordinary talent to discern the individual candidate’s strengths and abilities with impressive connections in the New York legal employment market. For a candidate, she creates exciting opportunities and pursues them with poise; to a client, she will only present carefully vetted, first-rate candidates. If you are looking to make a move or if you need to identify the best candidate for a vacancy, Keira is the woman to go to.”
Manuel S. Frey
Partner, Paul Weiss

“Keira has tremendous integrity combined with a unique approach to specialized client attention. She won’t fill a post just to please an employer; she’ll do the work necessary to find the right match between candidate and employer; she bridges the gap between recruiter and career counselor. I’ve seen how creative she can be in finding the right position for a candidate, be it in a large firm or boutique, an investment bank or professional sports company.”
Helaine Rosenbaum Dryden
Former General Counsel, JWM Partners (A Hedge Fund)

“Keira has excelled in everything she has done for me and my organizations. Her responsiveness and diligence are first rate, but what really distinguishes her from others in the industry is her creative and flexible approach to complex staffing challenges. Keira is always sure to consider the personal and cultural aspects of her candidates, in addition to their professional and educational qualifications. Ultimately, she consistently presents people who are both interesting and appropriate for the roles in question.”
Chief Corporate Counsel, major insurance company

“Keira is a conspicuously intelligent advisor who delivers on many levels. I highly recommend anyone to meet with her, whether they are looking for a new position, seeking to make a hire, interested in a skills assessment, or just to expand their network of people worth knowing in the law and finance industries. She is a great listener and sizes situations up very quickly and honestly.”
Chris DiAngelo
Partner, Dewey LeBouef

 “I hired Keira as a career counselor and coach toward the end of a prestigious legal fellowship at a major media company. Keira gave me excellent support in my pursuit of an associate attorney position, at a time when the legal market was practically non-existent. The insights she gave me about firms, about interviewing, and about my background played a critical role in helping me land my current legal position. I will surely look to Keira again for expert advice and executive coaching in the future if I need it, and I recommend her to others wholeheartedly.”
Itai Maytal
former Associate Attorney in the Office of the General Counsel at The New York Times

“Keira placed me in my first in-house legal position in entertainment and media. I’ve stayed in touch with her ever since (both as a potential client and candidate), because I value her knowledge of the field and I trust her advice.”
Jerry Blake
former General Counsel, the Sundance Channel

“Having worked with Keira Chassman for over six years, I feel confident recommending her to anyone who is looking for a strong recruiter who is as interested in providing her clients with the right candidates as she is in providing her candidates with the right jobs. Unlike many recruiters who simply look at what is on paper, Keira’s counseling background enables her to screen candidates and clients alike in order to form the best matches, ensuring stronger long-term fits. In addition, she knows the industry and conducts her business with high ethical standards.”
Paul Giangola
Manager of Professional Development for Chadbourne & Parke LLP

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